Abby Poulson
SHOWS 2020

BA Photography in the Arts

Abby Poulson is a photographic artist who often explores alternative processes of photography, to experiment with the materiality and the potential of what a photograph can be. Employing camera less techniques, alternative printing processes, video and sculpture, her works personally respond to memory, heritage and place, taking inspiration from her homeland.

The Gathering Ground

These works form a personal investigation studying the rise of independence in my homeland Wales, and its historical connection to water. Wales has three main water supplies that supply water to across the border. The building of these reservoirs caused damageto societyandculturein Wales, as homes and communities were lost to gather water for another nation. Through materiality, process and contemplation, these works focus on the significance of that water. How has this water affected the land in the past, and how will it affect Wales in the future?