Abigail Fraser

Abigail’s artwork is a dreamy, psychedelic exploration of memories appertaining to previous events. Heavily inspired by the work of engineer Samuel Renshaw’s studies on the effect of light on perception and memory, her mixed media sculptures and instillations evoke a response to light on the senses. Fraser’s work often contains simple drawings of universally recognised forms and symbols of familiarity to challenge the notion of comfort and conformity, whilst investigating the spatial and temporal possibilities of drawing as sculpture. Abigail’s drawings act as a procedure of self-confession, the use of bright colours attracting the viewer, demanding attention whilst also acting as warning against the artist and her work. Her drawings are often humorous, generating a connection between sense and non-sense, in a documentation of the artist’s questioning her own identity and sense of belonging.

During the current Coronavirus pandemic Abigail is using her practice as a vehicle of understanding. Generating ideological drawings and animations of contemporary comforts, in a response to her own loss of faith in the reality of life. Through making these durational animations solely available online Abigail hopes to create an alternative space to frame our experiences. Forcing a juxtaposition between the world of simulation and nervous simulation. Whilst also documenting and memorialising our shared experience of our current existence.

Abigail was this year’s recipient of the Josef Herman Award.

360° Video

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