Adele Murphy
SHOWS 2020

MDes Surface Pattern Design

Adele Murphy is a surface pattern designer who focusses on textiles for fashion. Her final collection explores concepts of colour theory and Biophilia, which is how our environment can have a great impact on our mental and physical health, in tandem with subtle references to technology. Combining her rich design handwriting with natural shadows using hi-fi laser technology, alongside traditional textile techniques to produce a luxe fashion textile collection. 

Her intention was to create a hybrid world between the technological and the natural world. Synthesising analogue drawing and painting techniques with digital technologies to create luxury fashion textiles that positively impact the wellbeing of others. Adele‚Äôs work references healing plants used within pharmacognosy, such as eucalyptus leaves and blueberries which are said to reduce pain and anxiety whilst being very high in antioxidants.