Aisha Beya
SHOWS 2020

Art & Design Foundation

Influenced by a conversation between Nam June Paik and Lynn Hershman featured in ‘Electronic Superhighway’, discussing social climate and human’s response to embracing technology, got me thinking about the divide between technology and real life.  

This started a chain reaction. My research included exploring the psychology behind the Matrix and reading into William Gibson’s idea on Cyberspace. I looked at Quantum Entanglement, which is the idea that two atoms in two different systems can have an impact on each other even though there is no physical interaction between the two. I was interested in applying this idea into my project.  

The images that are presented as final pieces reflect the way some media borrows, and digitally manipulates imagery. While the starting point remains the same, the work has become more personal and a reflection on my own experience of using social media, whilst engaging in the digital world. 

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