Alanis Hood
SHOWS 2020

Art & Design Foundation

My project focuses on the problems of climate change in relation to Coral Bleaching, which is having a serious impact on marine ecosystems. The scientist and mathematician Margaret Wertheim, is well known for her understanding of the hyperbolic structure of coral, which she has explored collaboratively, and across the globe with participants as a community of crocheted coral reefs. This has been a major influence on my textile practice, opening my eyes to the dramatic and catastrophic effects of climate change but also the potential for textile making.  

I started to produce my own responses to Wertheim’s project using yarn to create crocheted coral, achieving the curly crenelated part of the structure through the technique of crochet.  Alongside this I created another body of related work using hand stitch to piece together scraps of left over fabrics into small process-driven textiles.  

Each collection of work has involved using both colourful materials to indicate the life and buoyancy of the coral, then white yarn to indicate the detrimental impact that bleaching has to the coral. Finally, I have played with the digital potential of the textile image to make unified grids and blocks of pattern to transform the structures in an abstract way.    

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