Alexander Button
SHOWS 2020

BA Automotive Design

Having grown up in a bit of a petrol head family, I’ve always been around reasonably quick cars. I’ve always been more creative and hands-on, rather than the academic type at school. So when I saw that it was possible to make a career from being a car designer when I was picking my GCSE course’s, I knew that was something that I wanted to do, even when my school said “you’ll get nowhere in life by going with a creative career route”.  

So that gave me even more of a determination to prove them wrong. So, after leaving and heading off to one of the main college’s in the county, I went off to do an Art BTEC, but almost everything still ended up somehow being car related. 

Through my time at UWTSD, my skills have definitely improved. From out of proportion to now focusing on line-weight more and with much better proportion to my sketches, now graduating has given me more determination to improve and progress to get somewhere, and prove my school wrong. 

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