Alice Oliver
SHOWS 2020

BA Photography in the Arts

View From Other Side  

The installation is made up of an amalgamation of moving images and immersive soundscapes that enables a union within the space that parallels the temporality of memory. As time passes, an exchange between digital and human memory takes place. Through the use of data visualisation, the digital technologies disintegrate the treasured memories; a self destruction that references the decay and loss of memory. 

The physical structure feels familiar in some way, resembling the mental terrain that we store our memories in, an internal hard drive. Acknowledging the ancient mnemonic recollection technique, Method of Loci, the somewhat distant familiarity enthrals the spectator and leads them through the transient landscape – a void of vicarious nostalgia and voyeurism. 

Within these shifting walls of time, the combination of digital and analog technologies allow for the spectator to engage and become a part of the installation. Saturated in symbolism, the compilation of fragmented memory triggering motifs derived from archival footage, allows for a level of escapism in which the spectator can step into the forgotten memories of others.