Alicia Hughes
SHOWS 2020

BA Photojournalism & Documentary Photography

Alicia Hughes works around influence for change. Alicia’s practice centres closely on human’s destructive relationship with nature, often documenting the aftermath and consequences of careless behaviour towards the environment. Alicia’s recent venture is exploring ways of storytelling through photography out of its flat, static form, looking into methods of merging photography and installation to create dynamic interactive work.  

Alicia’s major project is titled E X T I N C T I O N. The project explores themes of abstraction and distortion via a perceptual installation, to represent the loss of native British wildlife who fell victim to human’s destructive behaviour. Creating contextual ties between the theory of the work and the practical execution. This installation piece depicts the Eurasian lynx, a species who lost its ancient woodland habitat here in the UK due to deforestation and hunting. 

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