Andrew Bowen
BA Fine Art

A series of sculptural artefacts made from a homemade clay body, representing everyday essential items the British populace hoarded during this current global pandemic, resulting in a national shortage. Each vessel has been recreated in a 1:1 ratio and partially coated with an oxide produced from the head of a pickaxe found buried in a garden. The sculptures have been carefully candled in a kitchen oven and fired in a home dug pit kiln. Visit for further information.

Andrew Bowen – An artist from the land of hills and green valleys that have more castles per square mile than anywhere else on Earth. A mixed media practitioner, who uses the variety of mediums that best represents his current creative endeavour. An artistic output that ranges from the sculptural to photographic, moving image to the painterly, with an underlying pop aesthetic. The subject of his studies varies depending on the zeitgeist, the media and social influence; coupled with an inability to accept the idea that an artist should specialise in a singular particular medium or make works regarding the same subject matter. Visit for a portfolio of works.

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