Andrew Pagan
MArts Postgraduate Year

Pagan’s work reaches into the mind, using small, instinctive actions that collate into a larger expression of the subconscious. Primarily focused on abstract painting and sound, Pagan draws influence from the abstract expressionists but looks to go further. Using repetitive, trance like inducing states within his process to mediate the expression of the subconscious. As such his work acts as a record of the removal of the ego from the process of creating work. While suppression of the ego is crucial to his work Pagan simultaneously ensures that the work does not become autonomous as a result. His work is not a product of chance or the being he would call himself but in-between. What is produced while in-between is evidence of that states method of decision making, the thoughts we think without even noticing. As a result, Pagans work is erratic in form as he searches to find the most effective method for producing work in-between. Experimenting with different processes that aim to remove the self, this is the motive and source of progression seen throughout his practice.

My work coalesces meditation and violence to capture the moment of death for the self, for the ego. An extension of the moment of limbo, a journey for artefacts from beyond the void. A practice of modern shamans around the future fire.

Andrew Pagan

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