Anita Madan
SHOWS 2020

BA Surface Pattern Design

My  collection is inspired around  Mallorca’s rural  lifestyle  and the flora that are abundant within it.  

‘The Calm and Warmth of Mallorca’ collection  embodies the warm tones of Mallorca, it’s architecture and hot climate, combined with motifs and botanical themes using the natural produce of the region as inspiration.   

My chosen pathway is  Textiles  for  Interiors.  This  collection is heavily  influenced by traditional mural themes and the inspirational brand Zuber, and their scenic wallpapers, evoking feelings of being in Majorca.   

My original designs are hand drawn using pencil, to capture the character and detail of the Majorcan buildings and rural landscape that surrounds them. Each design is hand painted primarily using gouache, to enable the combination of warm colours with delicate shading. Both processes ensure the detail of the architectural features can be accurately recorded and combined with the landscape making the design an authentic reflection on the primary research.  

After university I would like to intern and seek employment at interior based companies to further her knowledge and understanding in this pathway.  

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