Shows 2020

BA Applied Drama: Education Wellbeing Community

The project-work created by our students represents their passion and their creativity at a time when both have been tested. Each student has developed detailed plans to engage with their participants in thoughtful, mindful and innovative ways based upon their own specialised interests in the field of Applied Drama. You will see recorded footage of the students presenting their Independent Project thesis at our ‘Platfform’ symposium, which is attended by students, graduates, practitioners, facilitators and professionals from the wellbeing community from across the UK.

The work they share and the skills that they display are born of creative research and practical experimentation undertaken in drama, health and wellbeing, theatre and drama in education, participatory performance and professional practice. We are, once again, proud to see the outcome of the independent projects being celebrated by the communities that will support our students as graduates and congratulate them on their innovative creative responses.

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