The Year 3 Architecture studio was focused on redeveloping a site in Swansea Marina. In the first instance students were asked to study the site and produce a masterplan. For the second part of the project students produced their own brief for a new building and selected a site within their masterplan. The aim of this part of the project was to produce a design which brought together a complex group of functions in a new building. Particular emphasis was placed upon the way in which the building proposal responded to it’s context. 

Students developed their design proposal for a new building which responded to their detailed brief. This was taken through to a technical resolution of their design.  

Students responded in a variety of ways to the local context, the specific requirements of their brief and the challenge of of producing sustainable architecture. 

A range of proposals were produced including a community centre, a yacht club, an archive for architectural drawings and an art gallery. As this is a student led studio the projects exhibit a variety of formal approaches, in terms of scale, articulation and choice of materials.

Hero image: Sona Koraghli

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