Asher Sylver-Rhys Holland
Film & TV Graduate
SHOWS 2020

BA (Hons)
Film & TV

My name is Asher Holland, I am 22 and since before starting university I have known that I wanted to be an editor within the film industry. I began making films with friends when I was still in high school (Ysgol Glantaf) and had a fascination with how they were made. I have lived in Cardiff all my life and am able to understand and speak both Welsh and English.  

The course at UWTSD has allowed me to understand and partake in this process of film making. I have been a part of many projects in this time as various different roles that has widened my knowledge of other roles besides my own. But even after all of this my heart is still set on becoming an editor one day in the near future.  

I am organised, able to work in teams or on my own. I am comfortable using a majority of adobes products and have had experience with other editing software’s in the past. I put the time, passion and effort into every project I am a part of.  

Acne Wonder Boy test interview
‘Texting’ Examples of texts from the film Sam and Sion

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