Ashley Shipp
SHOWS 2020

BA Transport Design

Aston Martin AVANTAS

The vehicle I wanted to design was one that could maintain the thrill of driving while at the same time introduce a customer to a new era in electric powered cars saving the environment by using innovative ways of manufacturing the vehicle and materials used and the introduction of new technology that would create a new architecture for a forward thinking brand like Aston Martin.

They make new products by using recycled and cost effective materials that will help the environment and my concept would follow that same thought pattern of using recycled materials and inspiration from aerospace architecture and nature to create a GT car that felt alive.

This car will allow the customer to take there stress out on a track and compete against your friend’s ghost car keep score with your friends learn the track with smart AI coaching you through the twist and turns.

Then hands the controls over to you while you follow a virtual racing line that will tell you when to break and accelerate to get the optimum level of performance out of you and the car enjoy an autonomous drive to meet friends or just to relax.

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