Beate Mileiko
SHOWS 2020

Art & Design Foundation

I started this project learning how to cast different materials. I made some paper bones with paper pulp and an old pair of tights. I soon discovered how to make two-part moulds. However due to lockdown I’ve been unable to recreate this process at home so I decided to try out ice as a medium.  This provided a perfect link to a previous project ‘Water Tanker Maffia’. My original idea was to use recycled packaging for a mould – making as a way to create a set of bricks. The intention was to lay these out to evoke the shape of the biggest groundwater depletion site in America. This however led me to experiment with several different shapes. Using my home freezer for this experimentation had its challenges making it nearly impossible to shape the ice, but I gathered lots of inspiration along the way and generated a more concrete vision of what I intended to make, even as the ice began to melt. 

Artists who inspired me through this project included Hannes Koch, Florian Ortkrass: Random International, Michael Landy and Olafur Eliasson.  

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