Ben Ballantyne
Graphic Designer
SHOWS 2020

BA (Hons) Graphic Design


Ben Ballantyne is a highly enthusiastic and creative individual who is passionate about his craft in Graphic Design. He brings a sense of energy and passion into every project that he indulges in. His mind set of solving problems with creative solutions results in work that is highly professional in quality, yet retains a sense of personality that is design appropriate.  

Over the years in University, Ben has developed a variety of styles that differs for each project. He prefers clean and simple branding, yet loves creating abstract pieces that has a story behind each design element. He has found an appreciation for print design and enjoys experimenting with letterpress and linocut. When he’s not at the desk, he will surround himself with vinyl and his musical instruments that keep his creative flow going back into the sketch pad and pen.  

Ben enjoys the studio environment of a creative agency and loves to take on design briefs that offer a challenge. He hopes to one day work within a graphic design studio in Australia. Additionally, he takes pleasure in working freelance with clients and finds a fulfillment in seeing the final outcome.  

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