Beth Agar
SHOWS 2020

BA Surface Pattern Design


‘Frozen Figures’ is an interior textiles collection inspired by the Liverpool Walker Art Gallery and London’s Victoria & Albert Museum in celebration of the historical figure heads and busts displayed there. My project aims to bring ‘frozen historical figures’ back to life with a modern twist. Figures and sculptures found within museums are re-imagined with my quirky collections, and potentially bespoke interior designs. Whilst combining my love for traditional hand rendered drawings with digital software, I aim to bring these sculptures into a contemporary design frame.  

The collection could be sold commercially, or used within the museums and galleries themselves. These designs are targeted at those who visit the art galleries and museums, have an interest in quirky and bold interiors, and who are intent on standing out from the ‘norm’ through their design choices.  

In the future I aspire to continue to develop my practice as an independent designer, by continuing to create a brand for myself through my unique design signature.  Ultimately, I intend going back to education to complete my PGCE.  I aim to go on and teach others, encouraging them to embrace their own creativity, through understanding what art and design has to offer to them.

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