Charlotte Coleman
SHOWS 2020

Art & Design Foundation

Disney is something I have always loved, and the opportunity to explore it more creatively in this project was an exciting prospect for me.  

Olafur Eliasson’s book ‘In Real Life’ enabled me to explore different avenues of the topic, such as storytelling, which helped me to put my thoughts into action.   

I began by researching films, characters, theories and artists that I could relate to Disney. For example, designer Paolo Sebastian creates fairytale fashion collections using embroidery, incorporating hidden elements and text into extravagant garments, whilst the performance artist Pilvi Takala tackles the issue of originality and authorship. She has been spotted attempting to enter Disneyland Paris, but was turned away for being the ‘fake’ Snow White. This idea addresses Jean Baudrillard’s ‘Simulation and Simulacra’ theory which has also interested me, and enabled me to escape into the ‘reality’ of Disney, which is what the making of this work has provided. Focusing on Snow White as a character, I researched, created samples and mood boards, and developed stylistic elements of the dress, reinterpreting imagery and fashion detail, such as the puff sleeve.