Charlotte Turner

BA Photography in the Arts

Charlotte Turner is a Hampshire, England, born photographer who practices in Swansea Wales. She learned to how to use a camera from her Grandfather at a young age. After studying photography at various educational levels, Charlotte is in her final year of her Photography in the Arts degree. Charlotte’s artistic work investigates a range of topics. Whilst creating artistic work Charlotte also works for commercial and personal events to help capture moments and memories whilst practicing  in the field that she loves.  

An Artists Palimpsest explores the use of the possibilities that come with 3D double exposure, the images can capture the essence palimpsest from an artist’s canvas. Palimpsest is the reuse of a material for something new with traces of the original work being visible in the new. By looking into X-rayed canvases, it shows the influence that past works have in the shaping of the new and how even masterpieces, that are well known and cherished around the world, started from failed attempts and adaptations.  

The work has been adapted into triptychs for this online exhibition so that anaglyph 3D glasses are no longer needed to be able to view both layers of the final images separately.