Chelsea Summers
SHOWS 2020

BA Photography in the Arts


Within my practice, I explore darkroom alternative processes to evoke a raw perception of psychology. Whilst also engaging with artistic materials, video and camera-less photography techniques. Combining those processes and materials assists my response of encapsulating the ideology of suffering and torture. Throughout my body of work, I have included personal elements that transfers the power ofa chaotic mind whilst also reflecting a unique collection of imagery. Imagery that projects melancholy, consciousness and a contemplation of thoughts.

Melancholia, a condition that is characterized by severe depression, hallucinations and delusions and can potentially create bodily complaints.

This is a body of work that discovers that and conveys emotion, distortion and intense change. From combining textures and techniques, I have created a collection of prints that can evoke the reality and struggles of suffering with a mental illness, potentially exposing the darkness and reality of psychosis.

Experimenting with darkroom processes and materials such as oil pastel and acetate, I fabricated dark abstract pieces that evoke my emotions throughout imagery. The uniqueness of each individual print and the element of chaos was something that I strived to include, that could have the ability to speak volumes.

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