Chloe-Ann Willis
Graphic Designer
SHOWS 2020

BA (Hons) Graphic Design


Chloe has lived in Swansea her whole life and comes from a family of creative individuals. She has a passion for all things from Graphics to Photography. She takes her main inspiration from music and movie culture which influences her portfolio of specific designs. Throughout Chloe’s work she approaches different areas of design that showcase a broad skill set.

In her ‘Shine the Light Records’ project, the main aim was to showcase B-Side songs rather than the main single. During this project Chloe embraced darkroom techniques which generated a variety of creative outcomes. A further two projects are based around LEGO, a personal passion for Chloe. Her dissertation was called ‘LEGO and its Endless Possibilities’ which also supported a D&AD competition from the LEGO Group. The task was to think of a way to engage teenagers to use LEGO.

As the design world is constantly evolving, Chloe would like to have a job that will push her to develop her skills. She wants to continue learning and take inspiration from other designers around her. She is excited to see what the design world has in store.

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