Chloe Knight
BSc Architecture

I am Chloe Knight, a recent level 1 Architecture graduate from University of Wales Trinity Saint David. During the last year of my studies we were asked to produce a master plan, an innovative building design, and technical drawings on how the building would be constructed.

For studio 3A, we were given a site to the south of Swansea city centre, to the west of the harbour entrance. The proposed master plan was designed to form a new attraction for the public, and more specifically, form closer services for the surrounding apartments. Included in the master plan were: cafes, small retail shops, residential areas, a gallery and museum, office block, a community centre and outdoor market.

For studio 3B, we were asked the write a design brief for a chosen building in our master plan. I focused my brief around the community centre, as I believed the space would bring the residents together. I wanted the building to focus around the users, allowing large amounts of natural light in the space and forming connections with the external environment and nature. For studio 3C, we developed a section and details of key connections throughout our building.

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