Chloe Lawless
SHOWS 2020

BA Photojournalism & Documentary Photography

Cause and Affect

Within today’s society there are many important issues taking place that that are in need of being challenged, one of which is the representations of body image and beauty standards that are present within western culture. This is because we are taught from a young age what body shape qualifies as ‘ideal’ through the influence of media consumption, the people around us and the expectations the society we live in has placed on us.   

Cause and affect aims to challenge this by showcasing a series of images from a larger girl’s perspective of the impact and effect these standards and stigmatisations have on one’s self-image and life, as the goal to gaining and maintaining the ‘ideal’ shape (whatever the idea of that may be) for many, whether you are smaller or larger in stature is harder to achieve due to invisible disabilities caused by mental and/or physical conditions.      

These images themselves work at not promoting unhealthy lifestyles but instead highlighting the reality which some face when presented with the idea of what one should look like to qualify as beautiful. 

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