Chloe Wallace
SHOWS 2020

BA Surface Pattern Design

Elements of the Sea  

Initial inspiration for ‘Elements of the Sea’ collection came from my frequent visits to the beach. The variety of strange shapes, surfaces and textures washed up on the sand excited me and gave me the urge to draw. I experimented with mainly gouache paint and observational drawing to capture the free-flowing forms typically found by the coast.  My chosen pathway is Textiles for Fashion.   

I decided to produce a swimwear collection encapsulating all of these elements. This summery womenswear collection is targeted at a 20+ audience, taking into consideration the fun and playful colour palette and the motifs included.  

The bold colour palette was heavily inspired by the vivid colours seen at my favourite local fishing town called Tenby. The colours which stood out the most on my research trips were pinks, blues and aquamarine. This chosen colour palette gives the collection a youthful feel but also hints towards colours often associated with the sea. After university I would like to intern at a few different companies to further develop my skills.