Claire Mainwaring
SHOWS 2020

BA Surface Pattern Design

The source of inspiration for my textile collection titled ‘Woodland Creatures’ has derived from woodland walks with my dogs. My designs celebrate the animals and plants found within our surrounding countryside and woodland areas.  

I explored colour, pattern and texture found within nature, and used this interconnection to inspire and influence my design work.  I have discovered a sense of space and belonging through my woodland photography and sketches, which have ultimately contributed towards a more detailed insight into the secretive lives of its’ inhabitants. These observations have resulted in my designs becoming rich in colour, character, and texture. 

A BA(Hons) degree in Surface Pattern Design has given me the ability and freedom to express myself artistically and creatively. I enjoy the initial process of sketching and painting designs and then exploring potential ideas using Photoshop.  Throughout my ‘Woodland Creatures’ collection, many aspects have been achieved through extensive stitch.  This includes the simplicity of Sashiko, and Boro Japanese stitch technique and, together with established embroidery stitch, produces designs which are both innovative and contemporary.  I produce my designs using hand dyed textiles and traditional screen-printing techniques, which I feel produce an element of uniqueness and originality.   

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