Shows 2020

This is a mysterious and elusive sect of artists, creatives, and dreamers, haunting the space between the digital signals of a computerized cacophony of likes and subscribes, where comparison websites price out the more affordable meanings of our lives with philosophies that are good value for money. Here be animators, whose piracy of these digital safe spaces leads to an extravagant spoil of guilty pleasures in these isolated times.  

Experience these fleeting tales that bear forth at an extreme rate of knots, at full sail across our sea of troubles, to bring us stories of fantastic creatures questing for vengeance, a forlorn spirit granting hope to a little boy, and a small spark that ignites between two strangers in a small cul-de-sac, tucked away in the private corners of our ordinary lives. Fantastic stories, wonderful characters, and the spectre of danger flourish between the digital signals invented for us to excel in our lives and creates something far more frivolous and whimsical: a 3D computer animated lucid dream.  

Here be their creative confections with no utility to the functioning of our humanity whatsoever, but indeed contains that vital quality that defines it.