Connor Hale
Games Designer
SHOWS 2020

BA Computer Games Design

I’ve been interested in games since I was really young. One of my fondest memories was when my dad actually sold his car to buy me my first console (The original Xbox), I was around 6 years old at the time. I wanted to make video games in college when I found the Uni course, at UWTSD, that was right for me.

I’ve enjoyed meeting new friends on the course. There is a lot I like about the course but making some wonderful friends in my class has been the real highlight. It has been great having my classmates all show me new perspectives and ideas when it comes to games design. I hope to stay in touch with a lot of them now that Uni has ended.

When it comes to games design it is entirely possible to learn by yourself, but the reason I decided to take the Uni course was so that I could learn the correct ways to make a great video game. With lots of free and online resources its easy to be overwhelmed or be taught the wrong way of making games. Which is why I think the Uni course has really helped by showing me the right direction to go when making video games and has helped me develop a more professional work ethic.

After graduation, I hope to be working on my own video games and hopefully set up an indie studio. The role I think best fits me is of a game designer. The job gives you lots of room to stretch your creativity and has lots of opportunities to brainstorm ideas with other people probably the most fun part of making video games. Of all the fun memories and great experiences, I’ve had with my friends and studying, I think I will always remember Giga-Chess (trademark patent pending) – this is the game we created as a class and is the greatest board game ever conceived!


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