Cornel Florea
SHOWS 2020

BA Transport Design

I was studying automotive engineering in Romania and during my third year, I decided that I cannot lie to myself anymore, that this is not what I want to do for the rest of my life, this is not my passion. I was not a bad student, attending national competitions in mechanics and mathematics, I was top 5 student, but I didn’t feel was right, didn’t feel that at the end of the day my work will fulfil me with gratitude and joy, gratefulness towards existence and the gifts that are given. My decision was stronger when I started to read all these personal development books about success and spiritualism, about how everything is interconnected, and every action has a reaction. How every thought has its energetic core and it leaves a mark in yourself, good or bad depending on the thought. I’m not saying that I have only positive thoughts, all I’m saying is that I want the best for my being and filter everything towards a better life. Therefore, my decision was to follow my passion to become a designer, an artist, a creator of shapes and surfaces, to break patterns and be unexpected.