Daniel Greenway
Film & TV Graduate
SHOWS 2020

BA (Hons)
Film & TV

Daniel is a 23 year old Writer/Director/Editor whose work tackles social issues such as climate change, veganism and mental health. Daniel was born in England but moved to Upstate New York at 9 years old but moved to Wales to pursue his love for film. His passion for the subjects he chooses to make films about are shown in his work and he hopes to make people see the issues he cares about with a different perspective after viewing his films.

Daniel is inspired by all forms of art and hopes to collaborate in all different forms of art – the art and concept for the film usually leads the vision for the projects. Working on live-action, animated, and film poetry in his first few films, he hopes to expand his repertoire to as many different genres and art forms as possible to improve his style as a filmmaker.

‘Impronta’ – Climate Change Awareness Film 

His first experimental short film ‘Impronta’, or ‘Imprint’ in English, shines a light on the human species footprint on Earth and our obsession with consuming more than we need. The film was shot on the coast of Italy with a Romanian actor and a Dutch cinematographer while Daniel directed, edited and recorded sound for the Film. ‘Impronta’ has gone on to be be nominated in serval international film festivals such as London Eco Film Festival, Short to the Point ISFF awards, & Italian film festival ‘Scittura e Immagine’ as well as published in the London based online art journal ‘The Scriblerus’.


Upsweep was a University challenge in which students had to make a found footage horror film in a given location. Upsweep is Written, Directed, & Edited by Daniel and also plays the role of Adam in the film. The film sees two friends explore to take wildlife pictures for their photography class but they end up searching for the source of a mysterious noise.

Future Work

Daniel is currently working on a short film with New York based animator Robert Bohn to create another socially aware film that tackles the subject of the morality of eating animals. His upcoming animated dark comedy is called ‘Spicy, Breaded, Honey-Coated Fingers’ and the animation style is inspired by old school Disney animations such as ‘Skeleton Frolic’. The film reverses the roles of the food chain and puts humans on the plate instead of animals. The film is set to be released later this year.

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