Daniel Sullivan
Advertising and Brand Design Graduate
SHOWS 2020

BA (Hons)
Advertising and Brand Design

Email: daniel@2ncCC.co.uk

Daniel is a brand design and advertising creative based in Swansea, Wales. His experience running businesses has equipped him with the ‘tools’ that have helped him through life.  

In 2013 he became a father to a little girl who changed the way he looked at the world, giving him a new perspective and outlook; he wanted his daughter to eventually pursue a career that would fulfil her potential and make her happy and decided that he should do the same and not just ‘settle’ for a job that paid the bills. 

Therefore in 2017 he decided to return to education to pursue a career in advertising and brand design; creativity and design being what he enjoys and is skilled in.  His goal in the coming years is to return to operating a business, but this time in an industry he is proud to say he is a part of. 

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D&AD Competition Brief – giffgaff believes in positive disruption and wants to harness the power of their members to change things for the better. The challenge is to identify a problem in the community and use 5G and giffgaff to solve it. Research showed that one person is reported every 90 seconds and that 8 out of 10 missing adults have mental health issues. The solution was to use wearable technology and GPS tracking to provide a safe way for carers to locate those in their care.

Daniel worked in collaboration with Dylan Davies in the answering of this brief.

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