Dominic Cunningham
Advertising and Brand Design Graduate
SHOWS 2020

BA (Hons)
Advertising and Brand Design


Dom has studied advertising and brand design for 3 Years. He has a unique and interesting perspective on creativity and likes to push himself to create divergent outcomes. 

He has worked with clients to create branding and advertising solutions, has a high level of skill with the Adobe Suite as well as other design media and takes a lot of his inspiration from the things he sees around him. Dom has a passion for the outdoors, enjoying water activities such as swimming, kayaking as well as skateboarding and always challenges himself to learn new skills, he also enjoys a wide range of music from country to punk.  

Dom has a vibrant fashion sense acquiring a lot of his clothes from vintage wholesalers and charity shops adding to his unique style. 

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Spotify Carmony

Young Ones Awards 2020 – Video as part of a campaign to get US drivers to listen to Spotify in their cars. Software will utilise RFID chips to select playlists based on geographic location

Google HMCT

D&AD Competition Brief – The challenge is to find a genre, song or musical movement that best represents a cause and create a typography-first campaign with both physical and digital elements to inspire your audience to discover more about the issue(s) and, where relevant, spark a call to action.

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