Dylan Davies
Advertising and Brand Design Graduate
SHOWS 2020

BA (Hons)
Advertising and Brand Design

Dylan has always had a strong passion for all forms of creativity from sketching purely for fun to the performance aspects of playing trumpet and guitar.  

He has always been a hands-on creative; even at a very young age he would be found cutting up paper and anything else he could find to make some kind of model or structure displaying imagination, creativity and resourcefulness. He likes to make physical outcomes when possible as it can add an extra challenge to the task, taking his digital ideas and transforming them into real world outcomes and prototypes.   

Dylan demonstrates a good eye for detail and takes pride in his work, taking pains to ensure a consistently high quality in everything he produces. 

Copr TV

Copr TV is a new online video streaming channel based in UWTSD’s Swansea College of art. Using platforms such as Youtube and Twitch, they aim to generate engaging content to promote the university worldwide and improve the student experience. This task was to create an ident to display at the start of the videos on each platform.

Giff Gaff 5Bee

D&AD Competition Brief – giffgaff believes in positive disruption and wants to harness the power of their members to change things for the better. The challenge is to identify a problem in the community and use 5G and giffgaff to solve it. Research showed that one person is reported every 90 seconds and that 8 out of 10 missing adults have mental health issues. The solution was to use wearable technology and GPS tracking to provide a safe way for carers to locate those in their care.

Dylan worked in collaboration with Daniel Sullivan in the answering of this brief.’

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