Ellise Lewis
Graphic Designer
SHOWS 2020

BA (Hons) Graphic Design

Website: www.ellemaay.com
Email: ellemaay@outlook.com

Ellise is a Graphic Designer who enjoys a variety of areas of Design, particularly in branding, web design and packaging. Ellise has expanded her range beyond sticking to areas she is confident in to learning new ideas and progressing in different fields. She feels inspired by many different designers and hopes that she can be an inspiration to the younger generation of Designers throughout her own career. Ellise is a very social and engaging person who can work in a design team but is comfortable working independently and being confident in what she produces.   

Although Ellise loves simple and clean designs, she has designed some creative and abstract projects throughout her three years at University. Ellise will be a great asset to any industry she works for as she is an approachable person who considers constructive suggestions as a positive to make her ideas evolve and become even more successful.   

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