Emily Sharwood-Smith
SHOWS 2020

BA Transport Design

“I propose to design a yacht with sustainability at the heart of the design, without compromising the luxury and functionality of the product. The yacht will allow the wealthy to show off their wealth in an ever-monotone world.” – Personal Brief 


The year 2050 will see an increasing reliance on fossil fuels and a surge in ocean plastic. As the population increases designs will become standardised as governments examine transport sharing. People will no longer show their individuality within their vehicles. The Manta Yacht is designed for the wealthy individual who wishes to show their earnings in a sustainable yet luxurious way. Designed to be used for coast to coast exploration, the eye-catching biomimicry inspired design, based off of a manta ray, with sustainable features which aid in making the yacht creative and interesting, making it sure to stand out in any marina. The Manta yacht uses sustainable running processes such as plastic filtration and the use of solar cells to power the yacht, decreasing the reliance on dwindling fossil fuel supplies.