BA/MArts Fine Art

BA Fine Art

The Fine Art course in Swansea offers a unique academic environment, where social skills, together with a political and cultural conscience provide students with a confident and contemporary awareness necessary for a successful and a socially contributive career.

Fine Art offers a matrix of information that is delivered within the studio – providing an irreplaceable three-dimensional sensibility within a multi-disciplinary world. Life Drawing is one of many examples where an understanding of this three-dimensional sense of a form in space is fundamental to Fine Art practice which elucidates the bigger studio workshop practice.

Our interactions with students take place in one to one tutorials, informal seminars, lectures, workshops and online support (when necessary).

BA Fine Art was voted Best Course at this year’s SU Awards.

For their final exhibition, this year’s Fine Art graduates have created a dedicated website with 360° video experiences, and a 24-page printed magazine. These can be viewed at

Hero image: Abigail Fraser

MArt Fine Art: I Am Not The Body

I Am Not the Body exhibits six graduating MArts artists, exploring through diverse interventions, interpretations and perspectives of the surface of the body, and how explicit expressions of it bring multiple implicit meanings and realisations.

The situation of the body in space, and its containment, for these artists derives in meaning in part, inevitably, from practice in lockdown, but its genesis predates it and will go forward from it. All approach the body and its surface with a touch both tentative and penetrating.

 I Am Not the Body, is the body by other means, traveling an arc from the tradition of painting interrupted and reinvented, to the further reaches of machine-mediated, generative art, a range of emotion taken, as a pulse, with the hand, but reaching with that hand to point beyond what we see to what we are.

– Jeremy Gluck