Geo Custodio
Film & TV Graduate
SHOWS 2020

BA (Hons)
Film & TV

Hey! My name is Geo. I’ve just completed my undergraduate course and I’m super proud of the work that I have produced. I can proudly say that the course has really helped me find my path which is to become an online influencer. I feel as though this degree gives me an edge in the competitive industry and I’m looking forward to the future that I’ve always dreamt of with this degree bringing me closer to producing the quality content that I aspire to reach. My final year project focuses on a new found love of mine, Make Up. I’ve been playing around with make up for about 6 months. I actually found myself steering clear of it completely in the fear of becoming the stereotypical gay man but my love of drag and ball culture continues to influence my personal and professional life in expressing my beliefs, whichever medium of art that may be. My final year project explores the Seven Deadly Sins and their corresponding Make Up looks, using one eyeshadow pallet. Check out my Instagram page for details and more work @GeoSaintKing  

Geo Custodio Exhibition Video

Seven Deadly Sins

Tiger King

Carole Baskin was a massive part of Tiger King and divided the audience debating wether or not she had killed her husband. This was a second transformation that I did and I’m really proud of how it turned out.

As a Film and T.V student, aspects of current trends of series and movies continually have an influence on my work. This was my first attempt as a transformation and it is the one and only Tiger King, Joe Exotic. I like to have fun with my work so I put Joe Exotic into drag to help my look stand out that bit further.

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