Georgia Cole
Graphic Designer
SHOWS 2020

BA (Hons) Graphic Design


Georgia is a Graphic Designer from Bridgend. She has always had an interest in anything with a creative outcome and her educational journey has developed into a passionate Graphic Designer. She is always up for a challenge and enjoys learning new things every day which help her to progress as a designer. Georgia likes to keep her designs minimalistic as she is a believer that simplistic work is more powerful.

She likes to experiment with her work using different methods such as letterpress, even if she doesn’t use it in her final outcome, she enjoys the making process. Georgia has a fondness for designing campaigns that convey powerful messages to its audience and likes the idea that Graphic Design is useful for highlighting important issues.

Alongside designing, in her free time Georgia trains for middle distance running and races. She also loves listens to music spending time with her family. Georgia has used her interest in Graphic Design to help highlight issues within her experience in athletics.After studying Graphic Design for three years and working with a media agency, Georgia is now prepared to continue growing as a designer and can’t wait to enter the world of work.

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