Shows 2020

23 Designers. 3 Years. 1,095 Days. 26,280 Hours. 1,576,800 Minutes. 1 Global Pandemic. 

We Have worked. We have sweated. We have learnt. We have listened. We have been mentored. We have failed. We have succeeded. We have overcome.
We have tried. We have brainstormed. We have helped. We have laughed. We have cried. We have struggled. We have supported each other. We have persevered. We have made new friends. We have collaborated. We have created. We have grown. 
We have found our voices, we are the future of design, and we are INCOMING. 
Graduates of BA(Hons) Graphic Design 2020

We prepare our students for diverse creative futures in the widening world of visual communication. We pride ourselves in nurturing students in a friendly environment. We initiate a diverse range of graphic challenges and help guide responses to these challenges by supporting individual aspirations and recognising personal potential. Our students attain both Digital excellence and skills in traditional areas including Letterpress and Risography, resulting in industry-ready portfolios bursting with possibility. We are delighted and especially proud this year the graduates of 2020, INCOMING.

Donna Williams, Programme Manager and all the staff from the BA(Hons) Graphic Design

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