Hannah Thomas
BA Fine Art

Having been inspired by artists such as Francis Bacon, Frank Auerbach, Phyllida Barlow, Auguste Rodin and Rachel Harrison, I have been fascinated by the artists’ relationship with the human body and the ability to capture movement, emotion and expression. I have been allowing my sculptures to dry out naturally and crumble and break down over time. Ephemerality plays an integral role in my practice.

Throughout the course of my second and third years, I have kept several small sketchbooks. I am still learning and constantly trying out new things including the different variations of clay that the university has to offer, along with other materials including paper, wood, straw and wire. Experimentation has been so fun for me during my third year of my BA and I hope to continue this when studying an MA – to be able to carry on with what I’ve started and to develop new ideas is exciting and is only pushing me forward in terms of what I want to create.

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