Harry Phillips
Games Designer
SHOWS 2020

BA Computer Games Design

Artstation: www.artstation.com/ryodann

My name is Harry Phillips, I am third year student Studying Creative Computer Games Design, you may ask what this course is about, well I get to learn how video games are made and I am taught how to make them. I get to use a variety of programs to choose from to make a game, whether it be for coding, 3D modelling, material creation, etc.

I specialise in 3D modelling and texture/material creation, these skills have allowed me to bring an idea come to life from being a 2D design to a 3D design. The things I am most proud of with my skills are being able to create an immersive atmosphere in video games, this is essential in any medium as it is the key feature when engaging an audience to your work whether this be in a video game, film, animated short, etc.

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