Hayden Hurley

I’ve always been interested in games as a form of escapism and I enjoyed the look and feel of role playing games (RPG) such as Skyrim and Fallout developed by Bethesda Studios. From this interest, I wanted to create a fantasy world that others could escape into. This is why I chose the Creative Games Design course. 

I’m best at modelling environmental assets that would make the world that the game is set in feel lived in. I employ meticulous attention to detail when modelling essential items for the game, such as a playable weapon or other itinerary object. I have a creative eye when modelling objects for the background of the game, such as a table or a tree. I take care to make sure I work to a high standard. When done properly, assets help to make the environment immersive and realistic for the player, so I believe high quality work is essential for game design. 

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