Heather Kelman
SHOWS 2020

BA Surface Pattern Design

I work using digital techniques to create the majority of my designs, but I am also especially fond of traditional illustrative process. I am a lover of detail and fine drawing and this is something which is key to my design identity.  

I draw a lot of inspiration from the natural world, in particular, natural forms and how light interacts with them to enable me to capture a level of depth. Working with high detail and precision is something which I am keen to portray within my finished designs, giving each piece its own narrative. Tone is something which I am particularly interested in and this is something which I have a deep appreciation for and strive to capture.  

I am really fascinated by print for interior and this is something which I am passionate about and have chosen to specialise in within my degree I would like to pursue and take forward these passions in a Masters level of study, which will allow me to develop my understanding and my practice, and hopefully challenge what I have already learnt.