Holly Saunders
SHOWS 2020

Art & Design Foundation

I started this project by utilising a technique I had been introduced to in the Foundation Art & Design studios just before lockdown. It was the Japanese method of ‘Boro stitching’, a method of simple, slow stitching used both to repair and reinforce the structure of a textile item or garment, sustaining and making it last longer. This notion of cherishing the things we have seems particularly pertinent now, in a society that makes, takes and disposes of, and I equally wanted to add value to the way we cherish things.  

This seemed like an appropriate approach for me since I had been struggling to get into the right head space, consumed by events in my own life. Through this work I have begun to understand that my making is not just a process driven activity but that it also carries with it a philosophical and mindful understanding associated to craft making and design practice.  

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