Huw Edwards
SHOWS 2020

Art & Design Foundation

Economy, recession, meritocracy, work, money and society – I concluded that the reality of life is that ultimately everything resorts back to economics, everybody has their price, people‚Äôs intentions are driven by money and the people with the most power in the world are also the wealthiest. 

Artists that have informed this project include Doug Ashford, Banksy, Peter Kennard and Adam Curtis. In a historical context the work of John Heartfield and Hannah Hoch, who use photomontage to create political statements have led me to use borrowed imagery from tabloid newspapers to create imagery confronting the current coronavirus crisis. The use of appropriated imagery is common between all the artists that have informed this work as it has developed and reflects the time within it was made. 

As I have experimented and refined my work I have included moving image and sound. In the videos a montage of news reports, interviews and stock footage layered with the sound of voices achieves an overwhelming sense of panic and crisis. I have tried to link this to myself and family, to incorporate a personal perspective.