Iwan Dawson
Advertising and Brand Design Graduate
SHOWS 2020

BA (Hons)
Advertising and Brand Design

Iwan studied Advertising and Brand Design for three years at Swansea College of Art UWTSD.  He finds a constant source of inspiration in everyday life and often gets his best ideas by taking walks and watching passers-by. 

He is a big believer in a balanced lifestyle and combines career ambitions with a passion for the outdoors, from enjoying skiing in the Alps to surfing the wintery waters of the Gower. The main goal in his life is to be happy and have fun and he considers everything else a bonus.   

Iwan has worked with a number of varied clients ranging from local businesses to international corporations, most notably in his brief to rebrand an American National Football League franchise working alongside a creative director from the NFL. This project was self initiated and demonstrates his ability to generate, and communicate with, a diverse client list. 

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GiffGaff Virtually Real

D&AD Competition Brief – giffgaff believes in positive disruption and wants to harness the power of their members to change things for the better. The challenge is to identify a problem in the community and use 5G and giffgaff to solve it. Iwan identified the loneliness and lack of connection that the current coronavirus pandemic was causing, and its effect on mental health, as the problem. The solution was to harness the power of 5G to connect people virtually and bring the great outdoors indoors.


Working with the UK’s largest Parkinson’s charity, Parkinson’s UK, to develop and create an app which allows Parkinson’s patients to locate specific medications whilst also monitoring them to prevent negative personality and behavioural changes associated with the medications prescribed to them.

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Advertising and Brand Design Graduate