Jacob Winter
SHOWS 2020

Art & Design Foundation

For this project, I wanted to visit the theme of live music, as it is something that has played a significant part in my life since my mid-teens.  I am not sure what I would fill my time with if it didn’t exist. 

The lockdown caused by Covid-19 has meant that there are no music gigs taking place, with no opportunity to take new photographs. As a consequence, I have revisited photographs and video footage from previous events, and looked at them with fresh eyes, and have edited them in new, experimental ways.  

Intrigued by the aesthetics of old punk posters and flyers, I came across graphic designer Ryan Ormsby’s  duotone posters which embrace grain and grit, a philosophy for imperfections, which I share and which adds to a piece of work, rather than being seen as a negative thing. 

The images for exhibition are designed as flyers and posters with the idea to assemble them as a Zine or hand -made newspaper that could be reproduced cheaply and shared easily. This form of presentation lends itself to the music scene and the aesthetics and influences that have informed this project. 

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