Jasmine Nathan
SHOWS 2020

Art & Design Foundation

At the start of the project, my intention was to create a ready-to-wear collection that gradually transitions into couture clothing. The theme was to be ‘extra-terrestrial’.  

The astrophysicist and planetary scientist Sara Seager’s hypothesis relates to finding elements in our atmosphere that are also evident to other exoplanets’ atmospheres, suggesting that there is likely to be life on other planets. Out of this discovery, I was intrigued to make garments that might embody some of the mystery, wonder and awe of the planet.   

I started off by creating screen prints in the studio, and developing embellished logos for everyday garments – hoodies and t-shirts, with the intention to expand into more elaborate garment structures.  

Heavily influenced by the Fashion Designer Jean Paul Gaultier’s playful, flamboyant style, I started to mix feminised garments like skirts and corsets with masculine – associated uniform, and to consider gender emancipation between these styles.  

During lock down, I continued to stitch and embellish in an experimental way but to also focus on making a pair of chaps, using my own body as the mannequin, then developing digital drawings to demonstrate how this initial design idea could gradually evolve.