Jean Patterson
Film & TV Graduate
SHOWS 2020

BA (Hons)
Film & TV

Jean Patterson is an English filmmaker graduating from BA Film & TV, Swansea. She specializes in writing and cinematography. Her love of stories and the impact they can have on people was the starting point of her journey into the film industry and helps to shape her work. 

Her work tends to represent real-life struggles, the horrors people face and how they escape them but her love of fantasy pushes her to challenge herself to combine genres and create stories like the ones that have affected her own life. 

She began reading at a young age and believes this is where her love of stories began, rather than being outside most of the time like other children or teenagers she spent her time in her room immersing herself in other worlds. 

Worlds that transported her to places of wonder, magic and adventure. She was able to become other people, a warrior, a witch, a shapeshifter, anything she wanted to be and due to this, she wants to be able to do that for other people. To be able to give them a place to escape to and experience the adventures she was able to, through her writing and through her visualization of those written words. 

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Sam & Sion (2020) “The bonds of friendship can change and bend at will but can they survive the challenge of miscommunication?”. Written by Owen Dean. Cinematography by Jean Patterson.

Read Me (2020) “A hacker struggles to save a stranger’s life, but all is not as it seems.” Written by Jay Bonser. Cinematography by Jean Patterson.

Blackwater Farm (2020) “The past can turn even the happiest of places into a living nightmare”. Written by Jean Patterson. Cinematography by Jean Patterson.

Test shots in Berlin (2019)

Shadow (2019)

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