Jessica Jones
SHOWS 2020

Art & Design Foundation

The work I have presented for exhibition is themed around nature, in particularly in relation to how pollution is destroying the planet. I have created three digital collages that look at different aspects of how this pollution, caused by humans is affecting the planet. 

My first piece is based around the ocean and sea of the world. It suggests how we are slowly transitioning the ocean into a space polluted by plastic and other toxic waste. The second piece is based around land pollution within nature, and depicts harmful factories and transportation are to the environment. The third piece is based around Venus. I chose Venus because it used to look more like Earth does now about 700 – 750 million years ago.  It was inhabited with hundreds of volcanoes similar to our planet. As a result of the sun moving closer to the planet, it grew and the volcanoes erupted. This cause an accumulation of natural disasters to occur. The atmosphere turned to a greeny-yellow colour as was filled with carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide. On Venus, this happened naturally whereas what we are doing to our planet is man-made.